Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Natalie's POV
I ran out the house with my body guards and Anthony on my hells I quickly got into the limo when the tears finnnaly came out i started crying as I told the driver
was all I said and the car sped away i turned back and looked at Anthony I saw pain in his face and I sighed I knew it wasnt real if it was he wouldnt have done what he did i turned back to the front and put my Chanel sunglasses on covering my tears.......

"Huh- im sorry what did you say?"
"Your father will be here shortly to check if you have the new curtain and bed conforter designs"
"Oh yeah tell daddy Ill be in my office and tell him we have discuss my 21st Birthday plans and make my spa appointment at 12:00 pm tommorow i need to relax"
"Of course Miss Natalie , so are you going to your father's ball?"
"Of course I am that why im going to the spa tommrow  anyway make sure daddy knows ill will be attaending the ball alone "
I said walking into my office alot of thing had changed since 3 yeas ago when I was 19 for one I now had a jgb as an interior designer and my daddy was givng me the opertunity and I was still a spoiled brat big surprise

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