Sunday, September 18, 2011


"So if I called the police right now and you were in a gang you would ki// me?"
*Says sounding interested in this*

"I realy dont know what happened but someone stole some money from the boss and anthony being anthony not wanting to get in trouble with the boss thought it was john and told on him, but i never got how he stole the money they were always with us, so i think its someone else. So from that day on John broke all bonds with us and swore to god he would never again be Anthony's friend and that the Chaingang and the Snakes were never again become a joint gang"

"Actually, she is nice now. The Bobbie we knew back in Italy would tell you off in two different languages you out and would beat up for touching her, she also had a fashion sense back then and she was the queen bee now shes just gona down hill, cause let me tell you something the old bobbie would never hang out with you no offense like on first sight i didnt want to hang out with you either but Bobbie changed"

"So our telling me yourr involved with that stuff?"
*Says raising her eyebrow and notices his expression change when he relized he slipped up"

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