Tuesday, September 6, 2011


*The limo parked right infront of the house m private plane was ready for take off all my clothes her out of his aparment and mine appartyment they were bing sent to my daddy's house in Italy all that was left was walk in on his the house was small i knew the living room was right at the entrance I breathed deeply and one of the agents opened the door and I walked in and I saw what I was expecting to see Anthony with no clothes on ontop of a bich that didnt compare to me and they were doing it Anthony turned around and saw me I felt tears threatning to come out but i held them in and watched as he slipped out of her and grabbed his pants of the floor and put them on looking at me the whole time then he tries to run to me but the body guard stoped him I put my hand tro my neck and ripped the necklace he had given me off I threw it to his face and walked out got in my limo which anthony ran to and was pounding on the door for me to open but i didnt and looked at the driver
 was all i said and the car moved excorted by body guards and agents leaving Anthony behind never again will he hurt me

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