Thursday, July 31, 2014

Drama/Our RP Post

"Well now you tell me everything that happened that made you like this."
*Says and sits down on the couch and pats the seat next to her.*

"Where to start, well. My girlfriend left me after telling me that we didn't know each other or something like that. She ripped out my heart, stomped on it, then picked it up and used a sharp kife to stab it repeatedly."

*She prepares the bottle quickly and walks to where Anthony and Aurora are.*
"Anthony! Don't let her go like that."
*She says in mock anger as she hands him the bottle.*

"What do you mean by that?"
*Says starting to seriously question giving her the name and possible location of a powerful witch*

"No worries Love. Everything will be fine."
*Says as she hangs up. She was lucky she was south of New York. She decided that running was wayy faster. She had no idea how much time she ran before she found herself looking at the New Jersey entrance sign. Now she needed a car. Any car.*

"you choose the Hotel."

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stefan Ambrose: Rebekah's Pawn

NAME: Stefan Ambrose
Age (Physical): 23
Age (Real): 636

Before the Spell: Stefan wandered around the globe just exploring and having fun. He had begun to kill more than normal so in order to go back and controll himself he came back to his bestfriend who is a witch. When he gets there he finds a girl there who he doesn't know.

Personality: He is kind hearted, patient, and doesn't like to hurt people, unless they need it. He is vicious when he kills. He does brood sometimes but most of the times he is fun to be around. So he's somewhat the opposite of Anthony who is demanding and impatient.

Face Claim: Paul Wesley

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our/Drama RP

OOC: Okay cool, we got our storyline. And yeah its crazy. I never thought we would actually keep rp. I mean there has been like only two more people that I kept a rp going with for a few months but those both fell apart. Its so cool. And yeah, maybe Anthony gets like I guess relaxed. And can you play Stefan? Or should I do it?

*She read between the lines and knew what happened but while she had met some truly badpeople it was hard to grasp the concept that this had happened so close to her while she was having fun.*

*She didn't know if she should trust or attempt to investigate more. She was confused and stressed. Plus it hurt her that Declan was keeping something from her.*

*She smiled excitedly before she truly saw what he looked like.Her smile slowly dissapeared and her excitement turned into worry.*
"Christian are you okay?"

"Lana? I neve thought I would see you here. And if by okay you mean with my heart broken and drunk as hell than yes, im amazing. Come in. "
*He said moving aside while rubbing his eyes.*

Monday, July 14, 2014


OOC: Kind of like the calm before the storm. Well at least until, we find something to throw at them, do we go the claudia-route where someone tries to get between them again or do we do something else?

*She looked around before facing Robert again.*
"What was that?"

*She grabbed her laptop and while she heard him leave.*

OOC: I do not mind at all so yeah lets do that and I didn't answer the question of if I thought Lana looks like Megan Fox. And yes! She looks so much like her.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Christian's Friend/Almost Girlfriend: Lana Kennedy Lawrence

Name: Lana Kennedy Lawrence
Age: Physical~19
        Real~ 63
Realtionship with Christian: Met him while he was traveling, they became fast friends after realizing that they were both vampires. They had fun together for a while until he was forced to move because Anthony was chasing Natalie and Natalya. Lana always had a huge crush on Christian, but was never confident enough to tell him, when he finds out from an unknown source that Christian was single again, she decided to take the chance.

Face Claim: Dasha Dereviankina