Friday, August 26, 2011

(Chris Brown's Outfit) TED'S OUTFIT^^



*Shrugs and sits next to him and takes out her iPHONE and starts texting with her friends back at Home and the teachers asks us to get into partners of course it was me and natalya until she said boy girl pairs so I just kinds stood to the side waiting for everyone to paired*

*Looing around for someone to pair up witj and sees this realy cute guy (Robert) But stands to the oppisite side of my sister waiting for someone to ask me*

*Looks at the guy from earlier and relizes hes actualy realy cute but i acted lik a bich to him*

"Bobbie u wanna pair up"
*Asks cooly like he dosent realy care*

Monday, August 22, 2011

*Pulls back*
"Thats not what ur eyes are saying, your eyes are saying you can go back to highschool aslong as you satisfy me at Night"
*Looks into his eyes I she could tell thats exeactly what he wanted*

"Decaln if you dont tell me right now I swear to god and you know I will, i will never talk to you again or want to see you again"


*Leans in like hes about to kiss her and when tee lips are about to meet pulled away and says*
"After the game*

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Natalies Drees
"Natalie and Natlaya have the same outfits on so which one looks better in it?"

*About to ask a question before kevin shoves us out the door*

*Turn back to the tv and sees Natalie and Natalya touch the guy singing's hand and Anthony's expression changed for a sec*
"What wrong"



"No offense, but i was surprised when she agreed to marry you you have no idea how many weddings shes skipped on, proposal after proposal shes accepted a few but never actually makes it to the alter"
*Says while watching*

*walk doen the carwalk and smiles i love attention and i wouldnt have it any other way*

*Smiling through the whole way while walking and gets to the end *

*Knows these are Bobbie's friends but still smile*
"Maby I will, ill be back"
*Says and stands up and walk away to the nathroom to clear his head*

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Okay so yesterday I decides to make Candce Swanepoel my new Natalie fo my roleplays but today i wazs looking thropugh some of her pics to decide which to use and I found Joanna Krupa now im more confused than ever!!!!!

Candice Swanepoel

Joanna Krupa

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stardoll post

"Okay, ill let u go back to ur pathetic little brother who couldnt protect anything thats why he always hides behind Bobbie incase u havent notice Bobbie is the guy in that family the only one who actually takes charge"
*Smirks and knnows that will provoke her*

"If that dosent make her mad i dont know what will"

*In shock*

"Its on now"
*Says and watches*

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Candice (Blond) or Natalie (Brunette)?


Stardoll POST

*Looking through her purse for her lip gloss and finds a picture of her and one of her old boyfriends Tyler Desman and remebers it was in her wallet puts it away before Anthony sees it that is one confrontation she dosent want to have*

*bored and files her nails until they look like perfection and looks around *

"Why would I want to go and see some girls in lingerie when I garentee u i hooked up with most of them"
(Pretend he did)


Friday, August 5, 2011

Natalie and Anthony's VIDEO

"This is Natalie Orton here my guest at ttime Anthony Orton how do you feel about this evenings events?"
*says Natalie while shes behind the camera*
*Anthony leans in and kisses Natalie*
"i found them to be very very fun''
* Tony winks at the camara*
"yeah you know what i'm talking about!"
* Natalie Giggles and the camera angles to were there both in the shot and kisses him again it also shows he's wearing no shirt just some nike basketball shorts and she's wearing sweatpants and a shirt that stops right above her belly button*
*natalie looks at the camera*
"I love him"
*Antony pulsl her on his lap and kisses her again*
"and i love her but this camera has got to go"
*Anthony says and turns off  the camera*

  Anthony is holding the camera*
"hey everyone were on the beach today..and isn't our natalie looking fine today?"
*he aims the camera at her*
* Natalie looks at him*
"Babe, seriously"
*looking down at herself wearing the s/utt!3$t bathing suit*
"You totaly hid my clothes"
*says staring a thim and he starts laughing then she see the camera*
"Oh god"
Natalie runs behind the camera
"We r so not using that in this video"
* Anthony takes the video camera and turn it on her trying to keep her in the frame*
"come on natalie say hi to every one!"
*natalie sneaks behind him and turns him aound and kisses him*
*Anthony drops the camera and start to kiss Natalie and the camera shuts of a few seconds later*

*Natalie in the kitchen and Anthony holding the camera again*"
"Natalie say hi to everyone.and tell them how your baking me a cake!"
"Im NOT baking you a cake its a pie. This my first time cooking so its not my fault the possible damage done to you by it"
*Smiles into the camera*
"and while its ready please enjoy a video I shot this morning"
*The camera switches into another video of Natalie*
"Natalie here okay so its 3 in the morning and i cant sleep because know what why dont i just show you"
*Shows walking through the hallway and into the master bedroom and snoring starts and she zooms in on Anthonys face*
"So as you can see its not easy getting sleep with him" *Says into the camera*
*switches to a new day of Tony watching the video she shot of him while he was sleep Natalie was behind the camera recording him watch the video*
"hey your not using the sleeping video...were not gonna use it!"
"Baby, I already used it its already edited into the video"
*Says and watches his reaction then the video switches back to when shes cooking the pie*
"Okay the pie is ready and Anthony is gonna taste it....agaiin anything that happenes to him will NOT be my fault"
*Says and hands him a plate with a piece of pie*
*He take a bit it was good but he fakes like it hurts to eat it dropping down to the ground holding his throat he speaks in a raspy voice*
"help it's poisoned!- "
"Youre the worst"
*Says and starts to walk away*
*Tony gets up and gos after her he was laughing*
"baby i'm sorry but it was to hard to resist it was good ..i'm sorry it was very very good..i'm sorry i shouldn't have done that!"
"Your lucky you look like Randy "
*Says and looks into the the camera*
"Hes very annoying"
*Anthony gest in front of the camera with her*
"but she still loves even though she tries to poison me with pies!"
*he kisses her cheek and start to tickle her and she starts to laugh and drops the camera*
"I swear ur gonna make me ki// the camera with how many times weve dropped it"
*Lifts up the camera and looks into it*
"So Anthony just told me its time to in his words do 'some bidness' "
"ok it's time to turn the pretty camera off and say bye to everyone"
*He hits the button on the camera to turn it off*

"Hey guys were on the beach right now and Anthony decided to build a sandcastle"
*turns the camera towards anthony*
*the castle was pretty impressive he was putting a sea shell on it when it went crumbling down* "S*!t"
*he didn't know the camera was on*
"well everyone saw my fail of castle so.....i think the video diaries are over for today!"
*i stand up and turn the camera off *
*it fades out but a second later fades back on with Anthony and Natalie in the picture*
"ok guys that was our first week on the island !"
"Also our first week as an oficial marred couple we miss all of you.........."
*Natalie thinks of Bobbie and Claudia*
"Maybe not everybody........anyway well see you later"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

STUPID STARDOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............................BTW POST

"Look, for the first time in my life ive been the bad boy and instead of the goody-two-shoes jock and i wanted to see what it was like getting all the girls waking up without remebering what went on last night i guess u could say i was expiermenting"

"Yes please'
*says and kisses him*

"Well it could be if you sit in it"


"Baby, I already used it its already edited into the video"
*Says and watches his reaction then the video switches back to when shes cooking the pie*
"Okay the pie is ready and Anthony taste it....agaiin anything that happenes to him will NOT be my fault"
*Says and hands him a plate with a piece of pie*