Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our rp post 6/25/13

Bella Vita~
*Smiles at Natalya before walking forward towards Robert and Claudia.*
"I would apriciate if you could attempt to respect my daughter in front of me.
I know all of you are wondering why I am here. The answer is simple. I come here to clean up the mess my sister has made. Young man it would do you well to step away from your sister. She is full of black magic at this moment."

"Black Magic..........Wait mom, as in Belle Morte? What does Claudia have anything to do with her?"

Belle Vita~
"Easy my dear, she gave this young lady the ability to manipulate every one around her. You and your sisters are immune. For the simple reason that  you are my daughters. But, unfortunantly her brother and you husband, are not."

*Looks at Robert and shakes her head. She warned him but once again, he had chose his lieing coniving sister who had caused her sister so much pain. SHe was starting to wonder if Robert would ever listen to her.*

"I'm fine."
*says putting her composed face back on.*

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