Saturday, June 22, 2013

Our RP POST 6/22/13

OOC: I know right?

"Anthony, something is going on in your head right now, either that or you are just trying to trick me. Because you looked in love with Claudia and FYI you were taking her without my permission and whats worse is you were trying to take her out of my house by sneaking in. So explain to me exactly what happened in the last few weeks then maybe I will be able to understand or even believe whats coming out of your mouth."

And exactly when did I say that Robert was business. I just want to know if he knows what your doing, He looked pretty happy and you know I lost him. But at least i'm willing to let him go. Unlike you. Don't you get it. He doesn't want you. AT this point i'm pretty sure you used your witch friend to bewitch Anthony into thinking he's in love with you. Cause you could never be able to do it yourself."

*Hears Charlie cry and starts upstairs to take care of him.*

"Aww, I don't get a good-buy kiss."

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