Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gang RP Post 6/25/13

*As she hears sirens come closer she leads him to the couch and grins at his confused face before she pulls him on top of her pressing her lips to his as knocking on the door is heard she doesn't pull back until she knows the police are in the house.*

"True that, so what movie should we watch?"
*Asks as the elevator opens.*

"Not , The Vow, you've been making us watch it every night no. I refuse."
*Says seriosly.*

"Don't encourage her!"
*Says to Bobbie.*
"Mom don't you think your getting a little ol-"

"Christian don't you dare, Young Man!"
*Says looking at christian who immidietly closes his mouth.*
"Before I was interupted, nice to meet you young lady, would you two like something to eat? Anything?"

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