Saturday, March 31, 2012


"Well, you promised to go over last week so you have to honor your comitments and before you say that i sound like ur mom. Do u realy think that I loved going out for coffee with Natalie when all she wanted to do was talk about 105 things that she hated about Anthony? No, I didn't its was quite pathetic realy to hear her hate him so much yet talk about him like her favorite person"

*Rolls her eyes at all of the understanding excercises the doctor wants the to do*

Dr. Evans~
"Okay I want you both to turn to each other and look each other in the eyes."
*Says waiting fore them to do it when they do he takes natalies hand and joins them with Anthony's and says:*
"Okay now I want u both to say something that you used to love about each other when you were in love"

Natalya and Christian~
*In the game room going against each other in a race car game*

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