Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Well, you know Declan do you think I love to see my mom's face when she gets a calls from School of stuff I did? Do you think I make my mom proud when I come home at 2:00 am with a black eye and smell like drugs from delivering? No Declan I'm tired of it seeing the pain in her eyes. Shes all I have left my dad left us all of our other family members turned there backs on us. If we get caught I doubt I'll make her proud while I make licence plates in jail. What happned last year made me relize that this gang is not untouchable this what we had is not about pride. Its gotten me some real friends. But its gotten me more dissapointment than anything"
*Says saying everything he feels*

"Thats a great summery. now tell me the details"
*Says looking at him seriously*

Natalya and John~

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