Sunday, August 10, 2014

Drama Rp

*Her eyes snapped open and she sat up. She was sitting in her sons nursery. She thought she remembered falling asleep in here while putting her baby to sleep. She slowly stands up and looks around at the sliver and navy blue nursery. She walks to the crib where she sees him sleeping soundly. She kisses his head before leaving the room and walking downstairs to the living room.*
"Hey, I thought you went to go take a nap in the bed?"
*She said while walking over and kissing him on the lips.*

*She walked downstairs when Declan and Bambie came back in.*
"Hey guys, how was the run?"

"How, answer me that and I will forever be thankful."
*Says as his head lands in his hands.*

"I'll help you okay, everything will be fine."

"Is it done?"
*Says looking around as she sits up.*

"I think so, I mean Stefan isn't here so I hope it all went right."
*Says looking around and sighing, she hoped that her friend was fine.*
"Is Stefan going to be okay?"

"Natalie is a sweet girl. Shes a good wife, and they have a child. Basically the perfect little family. He also has wealth and riches stacked in the bank. So, I think hes more than okay right now."
*Says reasuring her because even though she used Bonnie, she didn;t want to hurt anyone except Anthony.*

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