Monday, October 28, 2013


"What in the he//."
*Says and tries one more time with no result.*
"UGH! My brother is lucky that i can't get near him right now! As soon as I can get through this bloody barrier he will pay for daggering me and putting me in that box for 200 years."
*Says annoyed but she hears footsteps behind her, before she moves and suddenly Claudia hits the barrier at full force and flys back while someone else grabs her from behind.*
"Getting caught was worth watching that one look like an idiot."

*Pulls back and presses her lips to his pushing him back on the bed where he is laying on the bed and she is hovering over him.*
"Is that all?"

"I say that will be very fun, lets start building the fort."
*Says smiling at the kids.*

Natalya and Christian~

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