Friday, May 30, 2014


"Well I'm bored of sitting there and being quiet."
*Says shrugging her shoulders. She pulls out her phone, which she shouldn't have but still does and starts going through all of her social networks. Pinterest is however her first priority.*

*SIghs, she knew she shouldn't be so judgemental however when you are popular and you see a fellow popular student, starting to give it away as if it were nothing it sort of irked her.*

*He turns back to the front not wanting anyone to know about his so called sabbatical from his duties of being popular. He was tired of the attention it brought and fake friends that would do anything to get themselves ahead.*
"He fishes with my dad sometimes."
*Mimicks Robert's explanation sarcastically, not to insult Robert but to maybe get ANthony to back off of him.*

*Watching everything not wanting to get involved more than ever.*

OOC: OMG YES! It's so annoying.

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