Monday, July 8, 2013

Our RP Spinoff POST

Love the James and Rebekah but do u think I should change Rebekah to the real Rebekah cause I sorta think Claire Holt will look so cute with Liam or do u think Maiara Walsh is good. And are they just meeting as well?

*Sitting in homeroom. This would be her junior year in high school. She spent the summer basically doing what she wanted at home since Her Mom and Dad had to go away for work and her Dad's cousin Stefan was left in charge. All of his rule was basically don't ask who the girls he brings in the house are and don't tell Dad what he does on a daily basis. Which is basically partying and sleeping. Other than that she could do what she wanted, along with Rebekah.*

*Looking around bored at the humans in the room, she was thousands of years older than all of them yet her idiotic brother and her cousin Stefan decided that going to school with Aurora would be a smart thing to do. She played with her nails before turning to Aurora.*
"When is your little human friend going to get here?"

"Charlie, his name is Charlie, Rebekah and I don't know."
*Says looking at the door hoping to see if he was in her class.*
"Why are you extra moody?"

"Maybe it has something to do with your dad forcing me to be here. And my Best Friend being in college?"
*Says to her niece and as a group of guys was approaching them, when theey were about to speak she says, "Sorry we're not interested, keep moving."

*Running to class, she was super late to her first class of Junior year and she was not going to get in trouble on the first day of school. Her friend, Zane beside her trying to get her to slow down.*

"Briella, can't you just use your cool, compulsion powers to not get in trouble? I mean running to class is sorta ruining my reputation."

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