Saturday, October 20, 2012


*Has an urge to say something to Anthony but in the last week that
she has been hanging out with him she has noticed that if the person
he is trying to bother doesn't play along he gets impatient and angry
so stands up to grab her purse and takes out her phone goes to her music
and puts on her ear phones which causes all noises from the outside not to be heard*

*Doesn't get amused by it, but turns to Natalie and sees that instead of arguing like she would have done last week she has her earbuds in her ears and is flipping through teen vogue.*

*Sighs at Anthony's joke since its kinda childish of his part. Waits a few
seconds expecting to hear a blow-up from Natalie but nothing happens
everyone including Anthony and except Natalya turn around to look at Natalie
but she looks like she doesn't care*

*Laughs a little bit since it was pretty funny*

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