Sunday, July 1, 2012


OOC: Umm, but, if we skip what do we do about Alex. Is she trying to steal Christian from Bobbie a few months later.
Oh and I have an idea but im not sure its good. What if Declan, Robert, and Christian all like get this idea in there head that Natalie's baby is like gonna need a father cause they think Anthony won't love her so they make a bet to see whoever the baby loves the most. Like I said im not sure its good I thought of it while at Wal-Mart.

*Manages to get up to her room and and pulls back the blanket and lays down making sure she has the tv remote and pulls the blanket on her body before turning on the Tv*


"I bumped into her and made her drop her bags I helped her then she tried to come onto me but I told her thanks but no thanks and she said to apoligize she invited me."

"Yup, guess you'll never know."

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