Friday, May 25, 2012


"Dad, please don't make me go. Please!"
*Says thinking of all the bad people that are probably in there.*

Natalie's Dad~
"It won't be that bad, I'll make it up to you I promise but skipping school to go shop? Really?"
*Says a bit mad.*

"Coach was having a sale."
*Says quietly as her father hands her her lunch and kisses the top of her forehead and she gets out of the expensive Ferrari and waves to her dad before going inside.*

"Mom, I said I was sorry. I even agreed to community service, Why did I have to come to detention on a Saturday."
*Says whining*

Crystal's Mom~
"Sweetheart its not that bad, Plus on the way home we'll pass by your favorite store."
*Says smiling as she hands her daughter her lunch.*

"Okay. But dad said I was grounded."
*Says sighing and getting out*

Crystal's Mom~
"Screw him"
*Says smiling*

"Yes, dad I'll make up today."
*Says as he looks out the window.*

Christian's Dad~
"Good. I expect you to start as soon as we get home u understand?"
*Says looking at his soon*

"Yes, dad"
*Says getting out the car*

*Gets out the car immidietly putting on the hood of her oversized hoodie and hurring along*

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