Sunday, January 22, 2012


"Drew stop trying to open the presents"
*Says for the millionth .*
"Anyway Natalya I think you need to stop drinking and tell us what you wanted to tell us"

"Okay okay fine, I didn't want to tell you anything I wanted to show you something. Okay so this first video is OMG the first time I have EVER seen Natalie look shy and Anthony look more arrogant and cocky than usual"

"Wait isn't that at last years 4th of July celebration we had at home? When did you record this? and are you some kind of stalker?"
*Says looking at her*
(BTW: pretend that that is at Christian, Natalya, Crystal, and Natalie's home)

*Watching amused*
"Well  that was your first kiss cause Natalie looked nervous"
*Laughs when he sees Anthony's face afterwards cause he looked so proud of himself*

Its Okay

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