Friday, July 15, 2011

ROLEPLAY POST.........................STUPID STARDOLL

*Looks at Bobbie*
"Look you wanna know the reason I dont like you,  ur pulling everyone away from me Christian is completly in love with you hes almost never  home anymore even when hes not with you hes distant natalya and Crystal are starting to talk more and more about you When we first met I knew you were going to tear almost everyomne away from me and congraulations u did"
*Says and gets in the limo and the limo drives away*

*Hears what Natalie said and relizes it true*

*Looks down cause she knows shes starting to like bobbie and is sorta starting to ignor her*

Bella Vita~
*Relizes even she is starting to like Bobbie alot*

*Snuggles into JOhn's arms not in a boyfriend/ girlfriend way but the way a friend holds a friend*

*Shocked at what Natalie said but knows its true*

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